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Art Not Oil new dates coming up plus Shell Wild-Lies Photographer of The Year. Autumn 2006.
Submit your photography to London ising Tide. - First prize is justice, second is survival.

Offsetting is a con! ( Like Cameron's green credentials! )

Shell Greenwash From Nigeria to Ireland
Shell is laundering its tarnished reputation by sponsoring 'Shell Connections' at the National Theatre, and is the new sponsor of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award, due to reach the Natural History Museum in October 2006.' A campaign is brewing on this - let us know if you have photographs for an alternative exhibition looking at the darker side of oil, and at species threatened by climate change. And let us know if you'd like to help with networking, design, banner-making, leaflet-writing etc. Read More
shell hell   corporate responsibility?

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All people and places should be subject to protection from thieving oil companies and their pathetic greenwash.

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